Friday, 31 August 2007

Managing In All Directions

Man Management is no longer an autocratic arrangement. It is about managing downwards, sideways and upwards too.

Your staff have to manage you, and each other and the customers and clients. In fact everyone has to manage everyone else. When I  was first exposed to staff management ideas I used to try out the ‘modern thinking’  I was being taught on the family at home. The kids needed managing, both for their sake and for mine. My wife needed managing, for her sake and for mine and for the kids as well.

That is not to say they need controlling. That is different. They need managing. That encompasses concepts such as guidance, coaching, influencing, accommodating, and all within the knowledge that you must do your best for them.

Staff are the same to many degrees. They all have their skills, their ideas , their needs and worries. You can’t run their lives for them and neither should you want to do. You can however offer them the chance to bring out their best.

You also need to accept that you can’t always get it right and they won’t either.

Bob Shepherd Associates can help with managerial and staff training and coaching. For deeper issues we have excellent Associates who are business coaches and deal exclusively with the relationships needed to get a business going. Get those square pegs out of the round holes and into square ones and watch you business take off!

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