Monday, 31 December 2007

It’s Easier Just To Write It Down Sometimes

There comes a point in every parent’s life when your children know more about the domestic technology than you do. Just when you thought you were in charge! Every one under the age of, say, 35 has been brought up with computer technology more or less readily available. They are intuitive with it and find it difficult to understand why their older colleagues a) have trouble assimilating it and b) can’t see all the possibilities of using it and c) still bother with the old fashioned “tried and tested” method.

On the other hand I have seen office workers struggling to manipulate a program to produce that poster, flier or title page just how it was wanted when they could have photocopied the thing they wanted precisely.
And how many times have you spent ages setting out a spreadsheet or word document simply to make it print out when you could have written it down as a longhand list in a fraction of the time and got on with something more useful?

The more I see of computers the more post it notes and paper I see.

On the other hand again there are some things that the computer can do so well it is not worth contemplating otherwise. In the bad old days a Cash Flow Forecast was a nightmare of balancing figures and any subsequent change was viewed with dread. Nowadays the operation has turned on its head and it is not only a useful manipulative planning tool but a wonderfully quick way of portraying a scheme to support a Business Plan.
The explosion in the availablilty of Banking systems and payment methods in the last 30 years is entirely a product of the computer age. It would not be possible with the old manual steam systems.

At Bob Shepherd Associates we can show you how to produce a useful and meaningful Cash Flow Forecast using that new fangled computer apparatus.

Technology for the sake of it? Not always but keep An eye on it?

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