Monday, 30 June 2008

Rifle or Blunderbuss?

There was a time when the Blunderbuss was a good idea. The old coachmen carried it as a deterrent against nefarious highwaymen. The Musket was also in vogue at that time. A regiment of Foot would line up 50 yards away from the French and each team take pot shots at the other. How the old longbow went out of fashion is a mystery to me. At Agincourt the Welsh Archers could down a heavily armoured French noble at 300 paces and could deliver 7 or 8 arrows with a reasonable accuracy per minute. Fire power or rather not fire power of awesome force. The French got the point as you might say. Rifling came along and the distance for accuracy improved 10 fold and finally outdistanced the long bow.

What has this to do with Business? By a tenuous analogy, the presentation of your business message by blunderbuss is going to be less effective than by rifle. Make your message accurate and unerring in its aim. Talk to Bob Shepherd Associates who can help with the ammunition to grow your sales.

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