Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Shucks! He just can’t help it

Michael Jackson is at it again. I am always astonished at the sheer front of celebs of all manner of persuasions who can’t help themselves and brave the glare of the public eye,  despite having been lambasted and shot to bits over some awful revelation that would curl the toes of their ancestors.

Now he has appeared in public again to announce a last, final, this is definitely it, maybe, tour. His debts are said to be around $200million and even the most casual banker is likely to have put a high risk grade on his account and his name on the cashier’s ‘refer’ list. His tour however is likely to take around $400million.
Being a blue blood celeb though he kept the seven thousand swooning fans waiting for an hour and a half before appearing for three and a half minutes to deliver 111 words,  I am told. Following that announcement the ticket site took sixteen thousand hits per minute. One in the eye for those who said the lad was finished.

Other celebs have courted the bright light of public attention to good effect lately. Similarly rubbished was Jade Goody after her well reported outburst. The papers loved it and the column inches expanded in direct proportion to her loss of credit, real and imaginary, monetary and personal. Cynical or not, one can’t help but admire her frank and raw bid for a last slab of money to go to her boys.

Hopefully she has had inheritance tax planning specialists helping her organise the aftermath of her roller coaster stardom so that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs doesn’t claim 40% of the larger portion. Few of us get the chance to lay out our stall ready for the off in such a fashion but I am sure no one would change places with her.

Stardom is a delicate thing, with many reaching for it and just a few reaching it mostly to find they have something hot but dangerous in their hands. The creative industries account for 8% of the country’s turnover according to Government figures. That is the narrow definition. In fact you can take a look around and everything you see that isn’t growing or wandering about has been designed by a Creative in somebody’s industry. You passed by dozens of Brand Names that often have a deep place in our unconscious thought , before mid morning. All creative creations. 

There’s a lot in the name. Business names either describe what they do (on the tin...fantastic!) or they build a reputation.  How is it few people go into B&Q looking for a pizza? Somewhere along the line somebody told you what they do.

Maybe your business will never reach the dizzy heights of stardom commanding a following ready to sacrifice everything they own for the chance to share time with you. But it is worth spending some time on your name and your brand in the first place and the reputation you gain with your presentation to the outside world.
What may seem an exercise in fluffiness can make a real difference to your business. An outside view is essential and you must get help. If you are unlucky enough to have had the prospect of self employment thrust upon you then this is one small piece of the jigsaw you need to put together to build a creditable business that will eventually earn you an income and a chance to feel you have starred in your own concert, in your own way.

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