Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Nose In The Clouds Or Nose To The Grindstone?

I am interested in the apparent disassociation between Arts and Business at all levels when plainly both sides need each other. The official line is that Creative Industries account for 8% of business when plainly everything has to be designed, illustrated promoted and marketed and that 8% actually takes an essential part in the other 92%.
Equally the bankruptcy courts are full of 'Creatives' who just cannot understand why money is important to all aspect of the reaction with the world outside. As a measure of resource, size of involvement and a measure of success money is always there and needs to be understood as a basic ingredient of any business dealings. Many Creative Businesses and others fall by the wayside because their owners have not found the patience to understand the business world or have not found anyone with the patience and understanding to explain it to them.
As a consultant I find I am fulfilling that role more and more. I get introduced to a company to aid the search for finance and I find before we go down that route there are basic cracks in the structure that need attention before any funder or lender will even look at their proposition.
Few people can be good at everything and with most business in South Wales being conducted by small enterprises the need is nearly always there to cover some aspect of their business that is a make-do and get-by at present.
Both for development of existing business and starting from scratch I emphasis the value role of a good business adviser who can give an outside view and perspective, can validate the assumptions you have made, who can bring expertise and contacts to you that you do not have from your own world. In short it is worth paying a little for a part time management colleague to run with you in support for a while.
Whether you are a down to earth methodical left brainer or a butterfly mind that will never have the ability to sit still the same principle applies. You cannot do everything well yourself. Have a talk to Bob Shepherd Associates to see what we can do for your business, to lift your view to your horizon, or bring your view back to earth, or to find out which of these you need!

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