Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Skating On Thin Ice

While thinking about a short presentation at a Business Club I remembered something I noticed a number of years ago now.
Those of us old enough to remember gasping at the flair and panache of Torville and Dean as they fought out their ice dance championships and emerged with perfect scores may not have noticed something at the time. Whereas most of the competitors finished their routine and shuffled off the ice any old fashion, Torville and Dean remained in character, as it were, until they had left the ice.
The impact on their already established professionalism and skill was slight, but added something nevertheless.
In the business world recent articles I have read point out the advisability of keeping your public and your private profiles separate on line. Facebook for example, publishes pictures of you 'tagged' by others. I am not suggesting you will have behaved inappropriately but your hilarious faces pulled for the kids are not in the spirit of what you wish to present as a serious business perhaps!
Christopher Dean, as choreographer, understood the point. Even when you have finished work, you may well still be 'on show'.
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