Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Thinking Is Fundamental

I do business building and I do business finance. The two have much to do with each other. When you go to the Bank for finance the thinking required is much the same as when you start a business or want to take a business on further.The considerations to demonstrate the worth of the business, what is to happen next and why you are the one who can implement it are aligned closely with the requirements for the Bank. That is putting it simply but the business fundamentals are there. Similarly, in going for an Investor, or some other finance or support by anyone the same basics apply. They want to know who you are and why you think this is a good idea. What you say next makes or breaks it. When a business starts the owners eye is on these things so far as experience and knowledge allows. When the business has been going a while the focus is different but still the same basics apply. Having an external consultant with a knowledgeable perspective from outside the business is worth its weight, and worth a fee. The saving in time, money and energy will be significant. At Bob Shepherd Associates we make a speciality of putting businesses together with balance and proportion so that it is all tuned to the same note. Get practical help at a reasonable cost and Build your Business!

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