Tuesday, 9 September 2014

What First, What Next?

What to do first, what to do next? Starting your own business is fun, worrying, exciting and full of query. 
Most people start their business with a good idea of what they are going to do. Very often though they have not thought quite how they are actually going do it. Surely everyone will see how valuable a service or how good a product this is? We'll open our doors on the Monday and be flying by the end of the week!

The reality is very different of course. The statistics show that most businesses will fail in the first year and a few more stubborn individuals in the second and third years. Nonsense of course, because those figures include the wacky ones, the lazy ones, and a collection of no-hopers. If you took a measure of the good business ideas that are delivered with real intent, adequate planning, good support and sensible resources for what they are doing, the success rates are very different.

Bob Shepherd Associates will get you there sensibly, quickly, practically and with good practical guidance on what is feasible and what should be scheduled for next year. It will save you loads of time and money, not to mention your overall nervous condition. 
We have many stories, examples and testimonials from others who also think we can do it! 

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