Monday, 20 April 2015

First Impressions

At  Bob Shepherd Associates we realise that branding is not just a new logo but that any aspect of contact with the outside world needs servicing properly and successfully. With this comes the first impression!
We all have first impressions. We are taught this from the moment we open our eyes. In Business it matters because there is less likely to be a long term relationship before the customer commits to buy.
In a retail setting the impressions are created within the shop or market stall set up. In other small businesses the first impressions are created solely by the owner's approach. This can be helped by careful branding and consistent  dealings.
It is vital for business therefore that you remember it is the customer's first approach that day, even if it is your fifty first!
Tone of voice, accommodating language are important alongside appearance and manners. These are not the same all over. You would expect a funeral director to appear and speak differently from say, a plumber when they come to your home.
The first impression needs to be backed by what subsequently happens of course. Authoritative handling of the situation together with responsible follow up where required is welcome. So too is a casual knowledge of what  work has been done before.

I was astonished to meet the designer of a new kitchen some 15 years later and find that he remembered the design, the layout and the names of his customers from all that time ago. All that was out of context as well!  

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