What we do! Bob Shepherd Associates

We Build Businesses!  We do this by examining the components of your small business  SME  or your new v enture proposals and we make sure everything is in proportion and all firing together!
This starts with the people involved and their skills and their personalities. It goes on to examine the resources available including physical, marketing, financial, equipment, people, invisible and money - always money because it gets everywhere in business. Once we have everything in place we set about applying what we know to what we want to do.
For a new business the result is a massive saving in time and money. We know what , where and who and just as importantly what not, who not and where not!
We have many examples and testimonials to talk to you about. What takes us a few hours to put into place can take weeks if you do not have experience and do not know about these things.
The same applies to existing small business SMEs in many ways. We help businesses to grow to the next level in exactly the same way. For larger businesses the level of sophistication may alter but the principles do not.
Our experience in Bank and other finance adds a useful dimension to the business building toolkit. An approach to a bank or finance house comes from us with all the ticks in place. How are they going to view it? Well they are going to be friends with it straight away because it makes sense and has the checks and balances sorted out.
Our services do not need to cost a lot. Unless a definite project is identified which can have a finite cost we usually work with a retainer monthly for a minimum of three months before review. This can be at an entry level 3200 per month and can range up to say, £900 per month.
For that you will be getting an extra pair of management hands, a wealth of experience, and considerable  know how plus the contacts and associates we have to bring in if needs be.

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