Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Bus Factor

Every service industry knows about this. They all come at once. Why don’t they come one at a time to be picked off and dealt with conveniently and easily? Whether it is customers or orders or whatever you deal with the flow is never smooth.

Processing the work is a subject on its own. There are ways of dealing with all kinds of work flow problems but finding the best efficiency is what you should aim for.

Cash Flow is another one. How do you control something that is essentially down to others? In fact what you can do is adopt some strategies that can iron out the bumps and enable you to operate according to your means. It will never be 100% efficient but at least you can look ahead, manage the flow and grow according to your resources.

Bob Shepherd Associates have some tools in the box that will help. There are some cash flow easing devices in the Marketplace that will cost something but if use3d sensibly will add to your business potential. There is also a nice Cash Flow Template that is actually the most useful section of any Business Plan. Let us show you how to use it.

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