Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Price Of Petrol

Shocking isn’t it? If I remind you that 1971 was the year of decimalistion and petrol was 33p per gallon would you be surprised? When you consider the average wage was around £15 per week then the plot gets murkier. That means that the price of petrol now is actually cheaper than it was then. Not only that the efficiency of cars now is much greater than then. A Ford Anglia 1 litre engine then did around 30 miles to the gallon. Now an equivalent vehicle can turn in 60 miles to the gallon perhaps or more.

There aren’t many things you can get a direct comparison with over a long time. Petrol may be one, bread is another and so is a pint of beer or a bag of chips (about 8d in 1970, say 4p after decimalisation or actually 5p for convenience (a Shilling,  for a few extra chips in a bag to make it seem worth while)

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