Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Non -Sales People

Are all your people in sales?

Do you have untrained sales people? Probably not, but what about your non sales people?

I'm always astounded how much effort salespeople will put into winning new business for a company, and then as soon as the customer is "on-board", they are treated like a second-class citizen, and virtually driven elsewhere!  Not very helpful if your sales people are trying to build long-term relationships and business with your customers is it?

It is easier to retain a customer than to get a new one, but it is more complicated. How many opportunities do you think the average workforce blows? How much money do they leave on the table every month? How many deals do they lose that the company could (and should!) have won? If you explore this within your organisation, the answers may scare you!

‘No we don’t have stock today but the post office do’.....So helpful that the customer will probably go there instead next time as well. Then there are the off putting attitudes you never see unless you are the customer.
Examination of what your people do could net you extra sales and could keep a customer that might have drifted away elsewhere. Bob Shepherd Associates looks at the whole picture - round the front but also round the back!

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