Tuesday, 5 May 2015

From Little Acorns ...

Don't judge a book!
Small business acorns grow into big business trees!  Recently I took on a new client who was running a very small lifestyle business. I always maintain in helping a business the size of business does not matter. The principles of business are always there to be questioned and looked for. What you do about that alters with the sophistication and size of the business, but the basics are always there.
My new client had a part time face painting business. Immediately coming to mind will be kid's parties and school fetes. Coming from a corporate background my client had some contacts already and had also done some company events as well as a few parties.
Other possibilities open out when you think about it. Weddings? The bridesmaids have spent a fortune on their makeup and everyone else is made up to the nines. However they won't mind having a pretty design on their arms. The children need a focus anyway so a wedding makes sense as does a corporate staff event.
Add to school fetes some agricultural shows and other outdoor events and you can see the business needs some hired help. Collaborating with trusted painters and recruiting helpers to manage queues,  take money and distribute leaflets means having a well organised operation. Outdoor events can mean anything from rallies and shows of all kinds to athletics and other sporting events, including internationals. This leads on to other collaborations and before long we are organising  events.
Having the right staff to represent you means training and managing. Promotional activity means having equipment sets and materials, banners, gazebos, stickers and leaflets, portfolios etc. etc.
In a short space of time our little face painting hobby business has turned into a full blown entertainment exercise with a substantial capacity for income.  Now we have a franchise-able business!
There are the designs for the various events and festivals of the yearly calendar plus the health and safety training.  Supplying the materials and templates and specialist equipment opens up further income streams for an attractive franchise business. Then the web sites and all the promotional activities become developed and sophisticated for everyone involved.
"Face painting by Irene" in Chepstow and Caldicot  can be Face Painting by Nora for Norwich, Martin from Manchester,  Bridget from Bristol... 
We have a UK wide business!

Many thanks to Face Painting By Irene and Irene Quelch who has given me permission to use her business as a basis for this article. She is not there with all this as yet, but is well on the way. Irene can be found at http://facepaintingbyirene.co.uk/ and contacted by phone on 07826 847617 if you are in SE Wales. 
Other areas, Stand by! It's coming!

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