Thursday, 14 May 2015

Traditional Marketing With A Hint of Digital Marketing - Make It Easy For Them

Digital Marketing | The digital follow-up to networking

Recently, I have been catching up on my business contacts (do stay on top of this!).  I take a card from the pile that is starting to topple over and I go through the following process....
  • I look to see if there are any Social Media icons with the businesses tag present? – Yes/No (7 second have lapsed)
  • If no, go to their website: (14 seconds have lapsed)
  • Are there any Social Media icons at the top of the page – Yes/ No
  • No, scroll down to the footer – Yes/ No
  • No, click the contact icon (are they hidden Here) – Yes/ No
  • If I still can’t connect with the person (40 Seconds have lapsed). I ask myself “do I need to connect with this person – this is becoming hard work!”
So now, look at your own Business card!  Would someone have the same problem connecting with you?  To read the full LinkedIn article by Bob Shepherd Assocaites, just click here.  Simple really

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