Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The World Moves On

Barclays bank reports the results of research which indicates the Recession has spawned more new businesses than ever before. That is not difficult to imagine. Anyone with initiative who perhaps could not get another job easily (the media has had tales of job applications being over subscribed by several hundred ) who has had a good idea has thought, ‘Maybe now’s the time to have a go.’
The research people all missed that one. For years the status of the UK entrepreneurial spirit has been lamented for its lack of enthusiasm. In particular the Welsh contribution to owner business has apparently suffered from long term historical precedent where the large heavy industries were the natural path. Those large scale employers have left in a sulk. Time has passed and the traditional track has grown over, as have the slag heaps.
Recession is the mother of entrepreneurialism it would appear. Anyone with a bit of an idea can make something of it perhaps. It is hard work, and stressful if you are thinking you need a certain minimum amount each week or month to feed your troops and keep the roof over their heads. However it is a different stress because it is yours alone. That is good generally.
Forget the regular wage. Forget the regular hours. In the first years you can probably forget the family holiday. Our great grandfathers would have scoffed at that hardship. What you can look forward to is personal development. You will do things you never thought you would, never thought you could, or would ever entertain.
As a consultant dealing with Business development I am often surprised at the things some people find they can do and other people find difficult. It is very interesting. Someone who has never had to do what they would call ‘public speaking’ might need to do a business presentation, with slides and timings and leaflets. Some have a go and make a total hash of it. Some are natural deliverers. Some see it, some can’t.
Some people are very comfortable on the phone and have the knack of gaining business. Others have no idea. I came across an answerphone message that was unbelievably incompetent. Unbelievable, not because it was incompetent, but because the business owner obviously thought it would do.
There are many of these subtleties. An outside view from an experienced consultant can help you past many of these pit falls. When ( if!) you do your sums in the first place, allow a place in the budget for advice and help. It will pay you back many times over. View the free services with reservation. They will take you some of the way, but you do get what you pay for. Pay nothing and you will not get much.
Tread carefully and with forethought. That much is the same now as it ever was. Let Bob Shepherd Associates guide you and share your new pathway.

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