Friday 25 January 2013

Incidental Business Building

Two things happen when I go into a business and neither has much to do with me directly! One is that I necessarily bring an outside view to a business. That means the business owners have the benefit of another perspective drawn from a completely different experience set gained over many years of helping business develop, solve problems, strike out in a new direction and revise their offer. 
The other is that I turn up! By doing so it focuses attention and I find that people have done the things they said and that were on the list from last time. Unconsciously I am fulfilling a role as a catalyst for change by simply appearing by appointment. It is not me putting them in detention for not doing their homework. 
Neither of these fine contributions are on my leaflets but having realised I create these little waves, I do take them into account when with my clients. Cynically, I suppose I use these two forces to encourage and to gain traction with the project we are doing. Setting an appointment not too far ahead, but far enough to take advantage of No2 phenomenon: playing "devil's advocate" as it is known and asking the unspoken questions with a straight face... that sort of thing. 
It's all part of the service. Sometimes I am asked by a client "what will I get for my money?" The answer is sometimes partly that I do not know until we get going. That does not mean there is no process or that I am making it up as we go along. It is just that I have no clear idea what will pop up out of the box when we open it. 
Pandora's box? Possibly! More likely, the material to build a successful business, well coordinated and with strong foundations. Bob Shepherd Associates builds businesses!  

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