Thursday, 20 June 2013

Does It Work Together?

I have been asked twice lately if I can just do something quick for a small business client. In one case it was put together a marketing strategy and in the other it was a cash flow forecast.
The problem is that these things do not stand alone. These, and many other components of business depend upon and have connection with and have influence on other parts of the business. They are not modular components that can be plugged in.
If you owned a car that needed a new part you would go out of your way to get the right part. That is because the whole is made up of components that function together. So too with business.  
Clients have shown me wonderful Marketing Plans handed to me with the comment 'Of course we are not in a position to take this up yet, can you help?' I can of course. Throw it out and start with something you can afford now. Cut your cloth!
Whoever put those plans together had no appreciation of the position overall and frankly deserved to be shot.

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