Thursday 13 February 2014

Those Business Plans

There is a lot of nonsense out there calling itself a business plan. I see them regularly and I have come to the conclusion that many people, for a variety of reasons do not appreciate the power and reach of a proper business plan. 
In an effort to get people involved, various organisations have come up with templates and examples over the years, a lot of which, frankly, say more about their standards of understanding than they do about any business.

The result is that the whole reason for having a business plan is clouded by the dreadful examples that get passed around and in the end contribute to the pile of nonsense and lack of understanding that sparked off these templates in the first place! 
I have also seen the professionals who seem prepared to accept business plans that actually are a dis-service for the subject business. These are plans that have basic flaws in the business model. Others that have dysfunctional inconsistencies in the presentation and some others again that are predicated on complete misapprehensions of say, the abilty of the business to raise finance. 
The poor prospective small business owner (who may quite reasonably have no experience or knowledge in the background requirements of his business) is sometimes led up the path for weeks or months unaware that his business has no hope of success in its present guise.
I cannot stop all this. What I can do is ensure that Bob Shepherd Associates is party to practical, ethical and realistic plans. Our plans will always have integrity. They may be dressed properly for the occasion but will never be "written for the file" as I call it.  
Going back to some of the rubbish I have seen, while our plans may be dressed I would not be seen out in some of the outfits I have seen done by others!

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