Tuesday 10 October 2017

Marketing | The Pricing Ceiling

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Marketing | The Pricing Ceiling

There are interesting effects that a price ceiling invokes and there is a need to be careful in using them.
For example a life assurance plan at “less than £1 a week” is not going to be worth a look if I want a meaningful financial benefit . Assuming I am representative of the sort of clientèle the company really wants to attract, they are likely to haul in precisely the opposite. It smacks of the post war burial plans that were collected at the door at a shilling a week. In those days the sheer quantity of them made them a useful contribution to the company’s funds and since many of them got lost or were never claimed for some reason there is a tidy sum kicking about somewhere.
The value of money has skewed dramatically in the last few years. Incomes are considerable now in......... To read the full LinkedIn article by Bob Shepherd, just click here.  Simple really

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