Wednesday 31 October 2007

Left Brain, Right Brain

Are you pedantic, methodical, good at detail and like not to be interrupted? Are you full of ideas, endemically untidy, late and always losing things? Well, probably you are neither entirely though some people do come from the extremes of the spectrum . You may also be great at words but poor at figures, great at design work but unable to sketch, self sufficient in your thinking or always looking for validation and reassurance, always good at History and arty subjects and be unable to follow the empirical and procedural sciences such as Chemistry.

And so on. The truth is you probably lean one side or the other of a balance towards these things. Personally I am pathologically unable to keep my diary in my head and I have to consult it several times a day to make sure I haven’t forgotten where I am supposed to be.  Others I have noticed can trot out the information that they have an appointment free next Wednesday the 12th at 2 in the afternoon.

That is why Bob Shepherd Associates have Associates. They bring in skills that are needed sometimes. A project is run with our skills but we recognise we sometimes need to supplement that. The client then relies on our good introductions. Very often it is a contact we have that they would have struggled to find readily.
So have a look at this link and see which way you lean.,22049,22535838-5012895,00.html?from=mostpop

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