Friday, 30 November 2007

20 Years Ago

Taking a comparison with 20 years ago wages have risen 270% and 1in 5 jobs are in Finance of some sort compared with 1 in 10 back then.

Women now occupy 13.5 million jobs compared with 10.5 million then.  That’s a 27% increase for women against a 13%increase for men.

None of these figures mean much unless you measure them against some kind of spending power index. That is full of problems because spending requirements and expectations are different now to what they were in the past. A moments thought will show you that the Internet has increased in usage and power for shopping of all sorts. We hear from time to time that High Street retail is struggling. Come Christmas time the News media will be full of it. A few years ago I knew the stock and the layout of “my” WH Smiths intimately. I went in there nearly every day for something. Now I tend to get things online.

The rise of Ebay has had an effect also. If you have taken up the habit you will be able to examine why. Something I haven’t seen acknowledged is that the Royal Mail, often in the news for the wrong reasons turned in a profit last year, thanks in no small part to Ebay and all the parcels that are flying around.

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