Friday 30 November 2007

The Power Of The Internet

I read somewhere that Youtube has around 18 million videos played/downloaded every day. What an extraordinary statistic. When you think about it you can see how that would be likely given the population of the UK is around 60m and counting.  It can only get bigger with that sort of force behind the demand. Another remarkable aspect is the strength and power of the site to hold that service in operation.

Another statistic is a point of remark. The Led Zeppelin concert coming up has 20000 tickets for sale by lottery. This was done to recognise the significant demand likely for tickets. I would wager they did not anticipate 87million people stepping forward however. When you think many of those people would want 2 tickets the plot gets thicker. Considering also that many people would have not even tried once they heard the web site for ticket registrations crashed within minutes due to demand.

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