Friday 30 November 2007

It’s Not Fair And Don’t Be Late!

I went to a presentation at a dinner by someone from the world of entertainment. Comparison with the business world was a little tenuous but had a point. In the hurricane days of 1987 when travel and communications were disrupted by the collapse of several million trees across track and road the big Shows in London all opened on time. At 8pm the curtain is going up for a paid audience and if you are involved you have to be there.

Long ago my natural tendency to be late made me stop outside a door one day with a definite resolve to leave 10 minutes earlier in future for everything. I have adopted that resolve ever since and I rarely arrive late for anything anymore. The consequent palliative effect on my stress levels and well being has been one area of success. If you are late every light is red and every learner on the road drifts into your way just as you are making a snappy bid for the only gap in the traffic. When you do arrive all the parking is taken up by the early worms and you have to find and then park in a space some distance away. Arriving in a heap there is no time to visit the facilities .....etc etc.

The other part was “It’s not fair”. So true, it never is. There is always something to strike a discord in whatever you are doing and there is no point in dwelling on it. People should park further away if they are early leaving those who are late to park outside and recover their position!  People carry resentful baggage around with them for years sometimes. At a company recently one Director was defending his record of achievement when the product was first launched against some disagreement.  I pointed out that we needed to shelve that and look ahead. It’s not fair. It never is.

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