Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Presenting Your Business

A Business needs customers. You would think that is a basic truth for all businesses. Yet how many times in your travels do you come across a business that seems to put off potential customers? If the business owners knew that was the case something would be done about it! 
The problem every business owner has is that they are on the inside of the business and not able to see things from the outside point of view. Sometimes there is a chance to catch an external view when there is a complaint or when someone offers advice.
A common and understandable reaction is to defend the business, justify the stance taken and assume the complainant or the advice is wrong! More advanced thinking is to deal with the complaint in a proper manner and with a little care, defuse the complaint and convert it to a sale!  I think only someone with training can do this and I have only seen it rarely.
A good consultant will guide the business owners into presenting their business more effectively and show them the outside view once trust is established. I have seen a retail shop that looked well presented from the inside looking out. That is where the owner stands. Stand at the other end of the shop looking in and the story is very different. It looked shabby and tired with empty spaces and poorly presented to anyone looking in. The shop actually looked run down and as if it might be closing soon.
I am certain that is not what was intended. I am also certain it could be done differently with just a few changes and not much effort. The difficult bit is the change in viewpoint. If you want to re-establish the energy and the direction you had for your business in the beginning BobShepherd Associates is well placed to help.

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