Monday, 12 May 2014

Put Gravy On Your Dinner

If an aspect of your small business needs attention there are only three possibilities! First is that you can ignore it and leave it. Second is that you can learn, be shown or concentrate on that aspect. If however you are simply unable to tackle that particular aspect yourself because it is not your forte, or you cannot gain the skills and expertise or you simply do not have enough time to give it, then there is only one other choice. It must be given to someone else. 'Outsourced', as the business jargon has it. 
What you must not do as all teachers of delegation will tell you is pass it over with a sigh of relief and wash your hands of it. This is a case of dereliction of duty, rather than delegation of duty. 
Social media coverage is a case in point. It's an important tool in the tool kit for getting the message out there. In some businesses it is vital, in others less so but still important. If the business owner does not feel able to take it up themselves then perhaps someone else should do it. However it is not a case of handing it over. 
However good they are the agent can only do so much. Information and immediate opinion is not there for them and the best that can be achieved is a basic raft of material. It is so important that the business owner continues to put their own mark on it. Perhaps by supplying a few tweets or a couple of small articles for a blog, or posting a couple of entries. That is what gives the output quality and presence. It's what really contributes to the branding instead of merely supporting, which is what the agent can do. 
If you want your business rejuvenated and you want to re-establish direction Bob Shepherd Associates is well placed to give you that vital external perspective. 

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