Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Business Marketing | A Different Audience

Business Marketing | A Different Audience

"First rule of business marketing: Always speak to your audience!"

When you present a talk always gear it up to the level you want for the audience you are going to have. It will be appreciated more. That seems obvious doesn’t it?

So too with writing. These articles usually have some business point to make and illustrate and my natural style is not always appropriate. It needs varying to make the point hit home. So too with networking, or the broadcasting of your business in any way at all. Varying the pitch and the style applies to speech just as much as it does to writing and presenting. What is confusingly called your ‘elevator pitch’ might be different in different places. It needs preparation and some careful thought, particularly as you have only a few seconds to get your point across....... To read the full Article by Bob Shepherd Associates, just click here. Simple really.

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