Tuesday 4 July 2017

Business Sales | The Power of Now

Business Sales | The Power of Now

The idea of immediacy has long been recognised in the "Sales" world. You know the sort of thing; if you are buying or signing up now there is a strong incentive offered like a discount on the price, or a free add-on.

I have been reminded of this a couple of times lately when for logistical reasons I have set an appointment for a potential customer some days ahead, or the following week. That meeting gets cancelled and we enter a sort of limbo where I have thought what I might offer and what I can contribute but the magic of the initial conversation is fading and both potential customer and I are starting to forget the point that was so obvious in the beginning.

By the time that meeting does happen, if it ever does, the initial gain has been lost and we have to start all over again and sometimes........... To read the full LinkedIn post, just click here. Simple really.

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