Thursday 15 March 2018

Digital Marketing | That Social Media Thing

Digital Marketing | That Social Media Thing!

The best you can say about the use of social media platforms by small businesses is that they have 'sort of' adopted them. A lot of small businesses have a twitter account, facebook page and perhaps a blog. Some of the more aware ones have a pinterest page. Many more do not partake at all. There are some misapprehensions out there!

If your target audience is perhaps largely young women, then you should have an active presence engaging with your audience on a regular basis on the sites where you are likely to be seen. Not that older people and other people cannot be reached. The requirements for someone connected to the beauty business are going to be different from an air conditioning firm for example.

If you are not engaging with Professional business firms you still might get through by using LinkedIn. All those so called serious business folk have families and many have a sense of humour.  To read the full LinkedIn Article by Bob Shepherd, just click here.

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